Thailand, welcome to Kuraburi

Phang-nga is a melting pot of Buddhists, Thai-Chinese, Muslims and even sea gypsies. The majority of the population in the rural areas is Muslim. Phang-nga however, does not suffer from any religious tension and the folk live in peace and harmony. Outside of the provincial town, the rural folk speak with a thick Southern dialect which is difficult for even other Thais to understand. With this kind of mixture, Phang-nga is always celebrating something be it part of Thai Buddhist, Thai-Chinese or Thai-Islamic tradition.

 Phang Nga is one of the southern provinces of Thailand, on the shore to the Andaman Sea. Situated on the Andaman Sea, Phang-nga province is famed for the natural beauty of its water, beaches, islands, mountains and forests.  The most famous one is the so-called James Bond Island, a needle formed limestone rock in the sea, which featured in the 1974 movie The Man with the Golden Gun. Phang-nga was damaged in the 2004 Tsunami, although tourism has largely recovered.

Kuraburi is a small town and there are regular buses from Kuraburi to Phuket, Ranong, and Pangkok. Tourists stop here to spend the night and little Kuraburi is the departure place to go to the Surin Islands, which are classified by the National Park.

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Andaman Discoveries supports tsumani-affected communities along the Andaman coast: community based tourism developement: become a social enterprise, financially, culturally and ecologically sustainable.

General information, BBC: Thailand


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