Kuraburi Legend

A long time ago in the past, there used to be a man whose name was known as “Mee”. He was living in the area, which in the present is being called Kuraburi. He was very well-known for his attractiveness, and had a beautiful wife, who was called the “Black Woman”, cause of the dark tanned color of her skin.

One day, the “Black Woman” fell ill. In order to help his wife, Mee decided to go into the mountains in order to find herbal medicine.

On one particular hill, he met another beautiful woman, whose skin was as white as purest rice. He immediately fell in love with her, and forgot about his wife’s sickness.

Not so long after, he brought her back to Kuraburi.

The rumor about the romance between “Mee” and the white skinned woman was quickly brought into the ears of the “Black Woman”.

Caught by a tremendous sadness, the “Black Woman” ran out, without really knowing where she was running to. She just knew she had to be away, away from him, and all the memories of him, which had been the actual roots of her disappointments.

When the white skinned woman found out, about the Black Woman’s misfortune, she was distressed, and also ran away from Mee. She went back to the hill where he first met her, and became a nun.

Mee, who was left all alone, went up on another hill, sought reflection and became monk 

The field, in which the Black Woman was finding herself after she had calmed down, is now called “Tung Nang Dam”, which, directly translated, means the Black Woman Field, or the field of the black woman.

The mountain, which the white skinned woman had stayed on, as a nun, has been called “Mae Nang Kaow”, which means the “White Lady”.

The other mountain, on which Mee had chosen to become a monk, is now called “Khao Pra Mee”, which means the “Mee Monk Mountain”.

Several years afterwards, the white skinned woman ceased being a nun, and came to settle down in Kuraburi. This area of Kuraburi has been called “NangYon”, which means the “Returning Lady”, from that time on.

Even today some people believe that anyone who comes to NangYon will find themselves returning again and again.

Remarkably, the area, which lies close to the Mae Nang Kaow Mountain, is also called “Tung Rak”, which means field of love, partly because of the great amount of “Love” flowers that can be found there.




Lunch for disadvantaged children at Burmese Learning Center

The 90 students of the Burmese learning center in Kuraburi need our help.

As a result of their parents’ poverty, most children’s nutrition is very unhealthy.
While a few get packed lunch, many eat sweets for breakfast and dry instant noodles for lunch.
The Kuraburi area, and southern Thailand in general, is home to a large population of Burmese migrant workers. These hardworking people often come illegally in the hope of finding income and a better life. Their children mostly lack access to education and adequate nutrition. Unlike so many other areas, Burmese children living near the Kuraburi pier are able to take classes at a learning center. The dedicated teachers at the center have requested our help in providing lunch for the children. Without a food budget, and barely able to cover teacher salary, the center needs our help to make sure the kids have a healthy lunch.
It costs less than $1 USD per day to make a difference.
Financial support is needed for cooking equipment plus ingredients for 90 meals a day, 5 days a week, for the nine month school year. The teachers would prepare the food which, and would receive semi-annual cooking stipends of 1,000 baht per month, shared between the cooks.
The lunch program will:
 guarantee that children have one healthy nutritious meal a day
 create community by bringing together teachers and volunteers to cook and then share a meal with the children
 give the children an opportunity to learn roles and responsibilities during cooking, eating, and cleanup
 alleviate the financial burden on already struggling parents



In total, we are aiming to raise at least 9 months (one school year) worth of lunch money. The cost of feeding the children for a month is $1,250 (960 Euro), meaning we hope to raise a total of $11,000 (8,500 Euro).

Please contribute whatever you can, and together, we can do it!




La saison des champignons

Program of this fabulous meal :

2 dishes : Spicy Mushrooms Salad (Thai name :  Yam Hed Sam Yang) and Crispy  Fish  Salad (Lab Pla Tod)

Today we have 10 people to fed , Mai Pen Rai , Chef Tu is handle it and i’ll be there to help and learn. Our thai cooking class start to become famous in Kuraburi 😉

Rainy Season starts in Thailand , and so we have the chance to get so many kind of veggies and fruits. And specially beautiful mushrooms.

Spicy Mushrooms Salad:


– 3 kind of mushrooms

– 5 lime

– around 15 fresh chilis

– 3 tomatoes

– 2 onions

– Sugar

– 3 spring onions

– Coriander  Student Laura & Tutor Karen

– Soy Sauce


Start to cut tomatoes in slices , do the same with onions , coriander and spring onions. Cut all mushrooms in small pieces.

For the sauce : Press the lime + add to your juice soy sauce and sugar.

Mix all ingredients together and serve with rice and raw vegetables.

2nd recipe :

” Lab Pla Tod”


– 10 shalots

– 5 Limes

– 1 bouquet of mint

– 2 eggs

– Corn Flour

– 3 fishes (choose white and tender meat)

– Around 20 dry chilis

– 3 small cucumbers

– Long green bean  

– Chinese Cabbage


Heat the vegetal oil until boiling

grill bol of row rice without oil , cook until become golden colour , then do the same with the dry chilis, cook until brown colour. Then ground them very thin.

Cut the fish in thin slices , deep the pieces into egg and then into corn flour and them fried them.

Wash and Cut shalots in thin slices , wash and cut the fresh mint and spring onions.

Sauce :

Soy Sauce or Fish Sauce ( use as you use oil and vinegar ) sugar, lime juice, dry ground chilis and ground rice. Taste and adjust if it’s too spicy or too bitter add more lime and sugar. Don’t be shy with the sugar, good advice use brown sugar instead of the white.

When your sauce is ready put everything into the bowl fish, shalots, mint, spring onions. For decoration you can keep the skeleton of the fish just fried it as you did with the meat and put the mixture back into it.

Use cucumber, long bean and chinese cabbage for decoration and it’s good to eat them when it’s sometimes to spicy.

Serve with white rice.

My Chef Tu teached me also how to make bowl with banana leaves ! AWESOME ! She is so great !


Princess Angel

L’Ange Princesse,

Princesse Maha Chakri Sirindhorn , connu de son surnom Phra Thep qui signifie l’Ange Princesse, nous a rendu visite Samedi 29 mai à Kuraburi.

Son Altesse Royale Phra Tep est la 2 éme fille du Roi actuel Bhumibol Adulyadej appelé Roi Rama IX , elle est très aimée par la population Thaïe, elle ne sait jamais marié et a consacré  la moitié de sa vie à ses études et venir en aide à son peuple en créant différent projets.

Sa journée a commencé par l’inauguration d’un nouveau bâtiment à l’école de Kuraburi, c’est ici que les visiteurs étaient convié et parqué. Malheureusement il a plu pendant toute sa visite, les photos ne sont pas autorisées, il faut demander l’autorisation à Son Altesse Royale.

Puis elle est allée au port de Kuraburi pour inaugurer la nouvelle Croix Rouge et pour finir sa journée elle a  rendu visite à son projet Chaipattana, un village reconstruit après le Tsunami. Je l’admire énormément et malgré les affrontements avec les chemises rouges ces mois derniers la Princesse Phra Thep est dans tous les coeurs des Thailandais.

C’était l’occasion de sortir une belle robe et de belles chaussures et rencontrer les gens qu’on aime, partager de la nourriture et des sourires.

Khop Khun Ka SAR Phra Thep

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