Mexico, welcome to Chiapas

Chiapas is the southernmost state of Mexico, located towards the southeast of the country. To the east Chiapas borders Guatemala, and to the south the Pacific Ocean.  Chiapa de Corzo, in the central lowlands of Chiapas, shows evidence of periodic occupations throughout pre-history, and of continual occupation since 1400 BCE. The oldest Maya long count date yet discovered, equivalent to December 36 BCE in the Gregorian calendar, was found on one of several monument shards there. In approximately 800 CE, Mangue-speaking Chiapaneca peoples from the north conquered the native Zoque and Maya towns. The mounds and plazas at Chiapas de Corvo date to approximately 700 BCE with the temple and palace constructed during the Late Formative, perhaps 400 BCE to 200 CE. The Maya city of Palenque was founded in the early Preclassic, with the first large structures constructed around 600 CE. Palenque had been abandoned by the Maya people for several centuries, when the Spanish explorers arrived in Chiapas in the 16th century. The first European to visit the ruins and publish an account was Priest Pedro Lorenzo de la Nada in 1567; at the time the local Chol Maya called it Otolum meaning “Land with strong houses”, de la Nada roughly translated this into Spanish to give the site the name “Palenque”, meaning “fortification”. Palenque also became the name for the town (Santo Domingo del Palenque) which was built over some peripheral ruins down in the valley from the main ceremonial center of the ancient city.

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Sendasur is an ecotouristic network situated in Chiapas’ region (at the border of the Guatemala). It was created in 2006 and now count 3 tour operators and 16 ecotouristic community centres spread all around the region. One information centre and booking is open in San Cristobal de las Casas. The originally of this network is that members comes from different cultures and backrounds.

General information, BBC: Mexico


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