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You know Africa, “which can not be done today will be done tomorrow”  Senegalese proverb

/…/And we have not taken the time to do things since we arrived! We will rectify this by telling you of our best impressions! It is now 1 month and a week since we arrived in Tambacounda (east of Senegal), we are 3 Volunteers, Carol (Lyon), Giulia (Italian) and Francois (Nantes). The first week was quite difficult, not because of the change in culture, food and comfort, but because of the heat: an average of 45 °.  After one week of adaptation, we have instituted fully integrate phase. You should know that the city of Tambacounda is nearly 75 000 hab, this is the capital of the Region of Tambacounda (largest region geographically, the lowest economic level)/…/


/…/We are housed in a single storey dwelling with 3 bedrooms, lounge, shower, toilet and most important: a fridge. Our neighborhood is called “fifteen enbougou, it is composed mainly of Catholics, we have a large church, right to the next door (the songs are beautiful), and the atmosphere in the area is very nice, we have already many friends, mostly men, women are more reserved (much to the misfortune of Francis). Our neighbor is a carpenter, so we can make furniture (very handy). We spent the evening outside our house, talking and drinking tea in Senegal: very strong and very sweet. The tradition is a long preparation and so we have plenty of time to talk. We learn to know the local culture and custom. We learn how the two religious communities (Muslim and Catholic) live in peace as well as different ethnic. If not us, everything goes well, there are many tasks to do, about 4 hours of cooking per day (there is no ready-made dish, like pizza or frozen product, which is handy when was too lazy to stay ahead of the fournaud (which increases the ambient heat). But we take pleasure in cooking (often pasta with beef, onions, peppers and chilli). Utensils and Household also require significant time but the tasks are distributed naturally! /…/ 

/…/During the first week we took the training in relation to responsible tourism project that we are putting in place. It was very interesting and trainer. We shared available information and our various skills. It has started operating in a gait’s the moment we have observed well, despite small problems (conflicts between some institutional players) we continue to cope with a positive attitude and a good team spirit. In any event after one month of training, road show of public, private and institutional mechanisms; After studying and mapping, prepared an inventory of accommodations and camps, and after much thought on a grid of analysis, it looks forward to the day when we begin to move to visit the camps in question and the sights of interest. So hopefully a bit out of this city a little too dry and “western” to our taste!/…/


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