The Health Care Center in Ticul and some facts about poverty in Mexiko

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Once I had the possibility to visit the place where Shalom, the son of Dana and Rommel, was born.

The closest Health Care center from Muna is situated in Ticul, which is about one hour car trip away. Segura Popular is the name of the medical health care for people without insurance. This health care center in Ticul has one doctor, he is a gynecologist. On one side he is responsible for all the consults, on the other side he is helping to give birth, more the less all at the same time. Dana and I arrived at seven o`clock in the morning to this Center, knowing that the doctor will not be there before nine o`clock. When we arrived it was already about hundred women waiting there.  Dana received a number and we started to wait, to talk to the women and to play with their children. Also if every women in the waiting hall had a problem, maybe suffering from pain or fear, there was a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, nobody seemed to be stressed and all the women had a big smile in the face.

 At about twelve o`clock there was an emergency, the doctor needed to help to give birth, so we decided to come back another day as the center is closing at four o`clock in the afternoon and it was not sure if there would have been the possibility for the consult of Dana.

 For Seguro Popular, the health care for people without insurance, you have to pay about 10 Pesos each month. You can also do work on voluntary base for the centers. For example you can help to clean the center and you receive points instead of paying the 10 Pesos. When I went to the bathroom I recognized that there were signs which tell you “wash your hands before after using the toilet”, but there was no paper for the toilet, no water for washing the hands afterwards and no soap. Of course the reason for this is the lack of money of this centers, and not that people just don`t care.

Some facts about poverty in Mexico: 40 % of Mexicans live on less than two Euro per day. From 2003-2010 there has been a 40 % increase of unemployment. (CIA World Factbook). 71 % of indigenous communities live in poverty (LRAN). 34.000 people in southern Mexico were displaced by military and paramilitary oppression due to neoliberal agricultural policies.

 Looking at this facts you can imagine that in Mexico most of the people are living without insurance.

– Saludos, Katy


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