Mid-term training for the mexicans’girls !

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Return of Alix to Mexico, in Yucatan this time, for the mid-term training of the two Youth in Action projects : Sendasur – Chiapas and Chac Lol – Yucatan.

After 14 hours bus, 1 hour collectivo, and a ride, we finally make it to Chac Lol, in a heat close to 40° at 10 o’clock in the morning !

By chance, a breakfast is waiting for us, and we spend the afternoon visiting the surroundings, including a “cenote”, a natural cave filled with water.

We then spend our first night in the Chac Lol’s cabans under a sky full of shooting stars, and among some “gekos”, scorpions and spiders (ok, those were just small ones).

On the next morning, we start the training, looking back at ours first fears and hopes, and things we like and dislike most so far. We then think about solutions to face the problems we met.

In between we have lunch, enjoying some of the delicious yucatan’s specialties : panuchos, pollo pibil, Pop chuc.

Then come the 17th of june 2010, historical date, Mexico – Francia football worldcup game !!! With three fans from Marseille, the atmosphere is obviously hot 🙂 One hour and a half later, the french team just go back to work, with a bottle of pastis as a compensation price… We have individuals interviews with Alix, and prepare at the same time our calendar of tasks for the 4 months to come. At seven, we decide to go to see the « lights and sounds » given at the Uxmal site. The show, taking place in the antic mayan’s city, over 1000 years old, is just unbelievable, iluminating the sacred sculptures and giving life to Kukulkan, the plumed serpent.

We go back home, a lot of mystical stories in mind… Arriving in Chac-Lol, Rosalba, the italian (napolitan) volunteer give us the chance to taste her famous Carbonaras ! The diner perfectly finish with a delicious french chocolate cake, made by Alix !

Friday is dedicated to the competencies that we already gained and the one we still think we can develop. We work by pairs for this exercise, and we then exchange on our daily tasks, seing what’s commun to the both projects or what’s different.

On saturday, we concentrate ourselfs on the commun projects that we have : sending a french group of tourists in Chiapas and Yucatan. We also finish our calendar of tasks, that we present to the other team. And as it is the 19th of june, we got the chance to celebrate properly Chloé’s birthday, with numerous cakes.

After this last night, it’s already time to leave… Alix is going back to Marseille, with her regulatory kilo of tortillas and liter of tequila 🙂 while we, all volunteers, are going together to Isla Mujeres, an heavenly beach located in front of Cancun !

But this would be the purpose of another post …

Louise – Sendasur – Mexico
more information : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=1278378694&aid=66806&s=20&hash=de8aaf82d96212faec931ebe2cd99a2a#!/profile.php?id=1278378694



La saison des champignons

Program of this fabulous meal :

2 dishes : Spicy Mushrooms Salad (Thai name :  Yam Hed Sam Yang) and Crispy  Fish  Salad (Lab Pla Tod)

Today we have 10 people to fed , Mai Pen Rai , Chef Tu is handle it and i’ll be there to help and learn. Our thai cooking class start to become famous in Kuraburi 😉

Rainy Season starts in Thailand , and so we have the chance to get so many kind of veggies and fruits. And specially beautiful mushrooms.

Spicy Mushrooms Salad:


– 3 kind of mushrooms

– 5 lime

– around 15 fresh chilis

– 3 tomatoes

– 2 onions

– Sugar

– 3 spring onions

– Coriander  Student Laura & Tutor Karen

– Soy Sauce


Start to cut tomatoes in slices , do the same with onions , coriander and spring onions. Cut all mushrooms in small pieces.

For the sauce : Press the lime + add to your juice soy sauce and sugar.

Mix all ingredients together and serve with rice and raw vegetables.

2nd recipe :

” Lab Pla Tod”


– 10 shalots

– 5 Limes

– 1 bouquet of mint

– 2 eggs

– Corn Flour

– 3 fishes (choose white and tender meat)

– Around 20 dry chilis

– 3 small cucumbers

– Long green bean  

– Chinese Cabbage


Heat the vegetal oil until boiling

grill bol of row rice without oil , cook until become golden colour , then do the same with the dry chilis, cook until brown colour. Then ground them very thin.

Cut the fish in thin slices , deep the pieces into egg and then into corn flour and them fried them.

Wash and Cut shalots in thin slices , wash and cut the fresh mint and spring onions.

Sauce :

Soy Sauce or Fish Sauce ( use as you use oil and vinegar ) sugar, lime juice, dry ground chilis and ground rice. Taste and adjust if it’s too spicy or too bitter add more lime and sugar. Don’t be shy with the sugar, good advice use brown sugar instead of the white.

When your sauce is ready put everything into the bowl fish, shalots, mint, spring onions. For decoration you can keep the skeleton of the fish just fried it as you did with the meat and put the mixture back into it.

Use cucumber, long bean and chinese cabbage for decoration and it’s good to eat them when it’s sometimes to spicy.

Serve with white rice.

My Chef Tu teached me also how to make bowl with banana leaves ! AWESOME ! She is so great !


La Recette du Mardi

June 8, 2010

This recipe is traditional  dish from southern Thailand. You can find different recipes with most of the time curry sauce. Here it’s with coconut milk and pineapple ! un pure délice !

Kanomjeen Saonam

Rice Noodle with Coconut Milk and Pineapple

Ingredients :

1 kg rice noodle

1 head pineapple

¼ cup ground dried shrimps

½ cup thin slice ginger

7 small head garlic

¼ cup of chili

Soy sauce, lime , sugar


  1. Peel the pineapple and remove eyes. Coarsely chop the pineapple
  2. Peel the garlic and thin slice widthwise remove to the plate
  3. Peel the ginger and thin slice lengthwise remove to the plate
  4. Thin slice the chili and remove into the plate
  5. Ground dried shrimp and remove into the bowl
  6. Mixed soy sauce, lime and sugar in a bowl add some chili and garlic
  7. Heat the coconut milk in a small pot, add some salt and stir for 5 minutes remove from the heat and let it cool
  8. Served rice noodle with pineapple chopped, garlic, ginger, chili, ground dried shrimp, sauces and on top coconut milk.

What Kind of food do you want to eat for the next Thai cooking course?

Laura Pelegrina ( Student and Sous Chef)  : Spicy mushrooms salad, Lab Pla Tod (fish cakes)

Chittri Phetcharat ( Teacher and Chef Tu ) : Spicy mushrooms salad, Lab Pla Tod

Bodhi Garrett : Mushrooms salad

Karen Spackman: Lab Pla Tod

Nattaya Sektheera: Omlett stuff with shrimps

Nadanong Chanpaibool : Lab Pla Tod

Sirikanjana Chantakean: Mushroom spicy salad

Larra: Lab Blah Tod

Petchrong : Fish Salad with herbs

Wasan Phoochareaondeth : Fried duck grill with basil leaves.

Rendez – vous next tuesday for Spicy mushrooms salad and fish cakes.


Kouy teaw lui saun


In the EVS programm you must get language course from your host country. In the way to facilitate the communication between you and people and also to improve an another language and learn more about the culture.

We decide with my teacher to add a cooking class to my thai class. At the same time we cook and talk only in Thai, and my Chef -Teacher Chittri Phetcharat called Tu prepare every time a small book with the writing and how to read and write thai. That’s absolutely marvellous and we need to share all those fantastic recipes with you.

ก๋วยเตี๋ยวลุยสวน –  Kouy teaw lui saun – Noodles go through the kitchen garden

Ingredients :

1 kg of thick noodle  

1 kg of Tofu

2 big carrots

30 grams of mushrooms

30 grams of Pois Mange Tout

12 pieces of baby corns

1/2 kg of lettuces

20 grams of chili

10 grams of basil leaves

4 heads of garlics

5 lime

1/2 cup of sugar

1/4 cup of fish sauce

soy sauce, seasonnings, oyster sauce


1. Put water into a bowl and soak mushrooms and wati until them get bigger and soft.

2. Cut carrots, tofu, mushrooms, pois mange tout, baby corns  in small square size

3. Coarsley chop the garlic

4. Heat the vegetable oil ( a lot ) wait for it boiling in a pan and stir in tofu. Cook until the tofu starts to turn golden them remove the pan and drain through a colander.

5. Heat the vegetable oil in an another pan and fried the garlic. Cook until the garlic starts to give off it’s aroma and is golden but not brown, than mix first the carrots for 4 or 5 minutes, add tofu, mushrooms, pois mange tout, baby corns, cook gently for 5 minutes until softened.

6. Then add soy sauce, seasonings, oyster sauce, 2 spoons of brown sugar then stir. You can add the sauce around 3 or 4 spoons of each of them. Remove from the heat, put into a bowl.

Directions for noodle

1. Cut noodle into 12 x16 cm

2. Heat the water in a large saucepan then put the steam pot on top of the saucepan. Put noodle on the tray to steam for 10 minutes remove from the heat and let cool for 5 minutes.

3. Cut the lettuces into 9X13 cm

4. Trim the basil leaves

To wrap :

Put noodle on, plastic sheet. Place lettuces in the middle, basil leaves then spread the stuff evenly.

Folding the four  sides on top of the stuff.


Spin the garlic, basil leave and chili until well blended. Put into a bowl, add sugar, fish sauce and lime sauce mix them together and taste. If it’s too spicy add sugar and fish sauce.

Reviews :

Chittri Phetcharat ( Chef Tu) says Aroi dee kha

Karen Spackam says  Arroy Cop Koon Kha

Carli Zyskowski says Yindee + Aroi + Narak mak mak

Thamrong Chomphusri ( P Tui ) says very delicious , aroy mak mak

Nattaya Scktheera ( P Nat ) says Kob Kun Tee Tam Hai Tan

Sirikanjana Chantakean ( Awe ) says J’ai bien mangé.

Laura Pelegrina says Aroi mak mak

Start of the school year for the Burmese Learning Center.

Children of Burmese migrants in Thailand,

New Water Cooler for BLC

Burma, a country bordered by China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, India and the Bay of Bengal,

has been an object of concern for the international community and human rights organisations due to its military regime.

The Burmese children in Thailand face very difficult situations as they do not have legal citizenship in Thailand nor are recognised as citizens of Burma. Therefore most of them, as well as their parents, are not able to attend the Thai education system. Placing volunteers to teach these children will help to start breaking the vicious cycle of poverty that affects them. Simple things such as owning a mobile phone or driving are not allowed to Burmese migrants and they are subject to martial laws like a 8pm curfew.

A Burmese child is expected to earn living in rubber plantations or fisheries if they are not able to go to school. However, given them the opportunity to attend school will increase their chances of having a better life.

If you are interested you can contact Andaman Discoveries at info@andamandiscoveries.com. We visit the school the maximun we can, the burmese kids are

simply fantastic.


Princess Angel

L’Ange Princesse,

Princesse Maha Chakri Sirindhorn , connu de son surnom Phra Thep qui signifie l’Ange Princesse, nous a rendu visite Samedi 29 mai à Kuraburi.

Son Altesse Royale Phra Tep est la 2 éme fille du Roi actuel Bhumibol Adulyadej appelé Roi Rama IX , elle est très aimée par la population Thaïe, elle ne sait jamais marié et a consacré  la moitié de sa vie à ses études et venir en aide à son peuple en créant différent projets.

Sa journée a commencé par l’inauguration d’un nouveau bâtiment à l’école de Kuraburi, c’est ici que les visiteurs étaient convié et parqué. Malheureusement il a plu pendant toute sa visite, les photos ne sont pas autorisées, il faut demander l’autorisation à Son Altesse Royale.

Puis elle est allée au port de Kuraburi pour inaugurer la nouvelle Croix Rouge et pour finir sa journée elle a  rendu visite à son projet Chaipattana, un village reconstruit après le Tsunami. Je l’admire énormément et malgré les affrontements avec les chemises rouges ces mois derniers la Princesse Phra Thep est dans tous les coeurs des Thailandais.

C’était l’occasion de sortir une belle robe et de belles chaussures et rencontrer les gens qu’on aime, partager de la nourriture et des sourires.

Khop Khun Ka SAR Phra Thep

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